20 Week Ascension Guide

A life changing, deep and meaningful felt experience of change

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The Free Path is powerful.

First, because it covers every aspect of your personal awakening journey, but with an important twist.

It’s fun, honest, and created to support REAL life.

Seanin Banrion is the ‘alternative ascension mentor’- providing warmth, humour, and globally recognised channelled wisdoms, to ensure you expand your consciousness in ways that are easy to understand, and enjoyable to apply.

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Seanin guides each member lovingly through the teachings of Knowing & Being, so that they may BECOME their own free path. You choose your role, in your own time, and in your own way. I am here to help you explore how it feels to embody your free state here.

"Seanin Banrion is a celebrity-endorsed intuitive, channel and consciousness coach. She has served a vast global community for eleven years, and is known for razor sharp intuitive accuracy, inciting powerful energetic shift, and is a master in ascension, consciousness, and accessing your limitless potential within. She channels The Cosmic Sophia and teaches hidden mysticisms to opening channels and intuitives around the world. ‘The reading I received from Seanin was so accurate- it was amazing- and she didn’t use any cards!’ "

- Gillian McKeith
TV Presenter

Each ‘lesson’ includes live coaching aspects, where you witness in real-time the unique and never before seen power of Intuitive, psychic and cosmic coaching. Learn how to:

  • Open your heart, and receive from the universe
  • Create an abundant and beautiful inner world
  • Become a master of YOUR reality, with ALL the freedom to express yourself, exactly as you feel good 
  • Use meditations, energy work, mantras, creativity and consciousness expanding tools, all included in this package
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"This is an intimate, real life, real time experience in discovering the universe within yourself"

  • Raise your vibration
  • Create abundance
  • Learn How To channel, read intuitively, and work with energy
  • Discover your authentic voice, and KEEP it, whatever the circumstance


Don’t miss this unique offering- twenty weeks of ascension mentoring and energy activations, for only £444.

You’ll never feel confused, uncertain and isolated on your ascension path, ever again. This course opens YOU to YOU, in the most loving and free way possible.


Seanin Banrion
New Earth Channel, Quantum Reader & Energy Worker

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