The Way of The Lotus- Inner Circle

This is your home. Find your path, in equality and trust, with The Way which supports ALL ways.  

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The Lotus Knows Its Own Way...

In peaceful flow with its own nature, the lotus grows without struggle.

  • Being in oneness, to promote higher consciousness
  • Peace within, to access other dimensions and the Akash.
  • Meditation, consciousness, and energy work... Self Heal, to become WHOLE. 

Your truth and your 'way' is your own, and fully respected here. 


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Live Fully, And Simply...

An inner circle discovering the secrets of universal life force energy through Qi, higher dimensional experience, consciousness coaching and light language. Here, you are trained to embody inner stillness. And this stillness becomes your teacher. This is The Way of the Lotus.

"Seanin Banrion is a DragonDog Shaman, Quantum Healer & Consciousness Coach. She is focusing on breath, flow, and presence, to find YOUR own way. Shes patient, kind and compassionate, encouraging friendship and open sharing. I AM myself in TWOTL, and discovering more of ME, through my OWN self healing. "

- Sarah Griffiths
Wheelie Momma Blogger

"This is an intimate video content course for true wellbeing, and balance in your life. Find yourself here. It's all that matters."

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