The Essence of Mary

Weekly ceremony, meditation & energy work, for attunement to the Sacred Feminine. Hosted by channel, clairvoyant & energy worker, Seanin Mouland. 

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Multidimensional Energy Healing

Receive celestial, Christos-Sophia frequencies, through light language song. Seanin can see clairvoyantly what frequencies are being channelled, and for what effect. 

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Attune to The Essence of Mary in weekly ceremony

Connect with the light beings & essences of the Mary frequency, as channelled by Seanin, through weekly ceremony.

She will channel messages weekly also.  

Attune To The Feminine

Remembering Mary, allows for remembering of our holy union, our fire, and our sacred essence within. Allow Her to reveal the secrets of your transcending form. Embrace Her as You. Join today.

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