Quantum Reading Masterclass

Intuitive reading for the mystic of New Earth

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What is the Masterclass

 In The Quantum Reading Masterclass, I am sharing all I’ve  learnt from intuitive reading in the past eleven years. I’ve made a profession of the work, and served both celebrity and community to huge global success, in that time. I’m a five star rated channel and Quantum Reader, who understands HOW Source feeds information, and how best to share it. 

The Lie:

intuitive reading is hard, supernatural and beyond you. 

The Truth:

Intuitive Reading is NATURAL for all humans. Quantum Reading is our natural ability, enhanced by conscious practice. 


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You will learn how to receive for your clients in a way that empowers them, and honours ALL of what you’re picking up. Never again feel exhausted, depleted, ignored or overused in your work. Never again experience lack, confusion or doubt in the work that you do.

"Seanin Banrion is a celebrity-endorsed intuitive, channel and consciousness coach. She has served a vast global community for eleven years, and is known for razor sharp intuitive accuracy, inciting powerful energetic shift, and is a master in ascension, consciousness, and accessing your limitless potential within. She channels The Cosmic Sophia and teaches hidden mysticisms to opening channels and intuitives around the world. ‘The reading I received from Seanin was so accurate- it was amazing- and she didn’t use any cards!’ "

- Gillian McKeith
TV Presenter

The way you are ascending WILL and HAS changed the dynamic of your messages, and I know what you want...

  • Conscious, empowered clients who create their own realities from what you’ve received.
  • Exciting, new ways to create loving abundance for both you, and those who come to you.
  • A completely real, powerful and creative form of work, which doesn’t exhaust you or leave you feeling depleted.

Ready to shift?

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"The AIM is to take the BLAME and DOUBT out of your practice, and expand your extra sensory abilities to such a degree, that NOTHING you receive is dismissed or left out, ever again."

I KNOW how valuable and powerful you are, and I’m ready to assist you in becoming the Quantum Reader you already are.

With conscious delivery, expanded perception release and creative new ways to clear ‘blind spots’ as you receive, finally the abundance and peace you wish for your clients, will be theirs.

And yours, too.

You ARE a Quantum Reader already.

Its time you began truly loving, and embodying, this shift.


  • Card Reading designs that empower the client
  • Means of expanding your consciousness beyond judgement, nerves and assumption
  • ABSOLUTE trust in the messages you receive, knowing exactly what they mean, and what will matter to your clients here.
  • How to access the Akashic Records, receive cosmic intel on your clients enegetic state.

Body Consciousness practice, a four Clairs opening journey, AND all delivered with humour, integrity and honesty... 

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