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20 Week Ascension Guide

What you'll get:

  • Tools for Knowing, Loving & Being
  • Teachings On Soul expansion & Consciousness
  • Intuitive reading tools, channelling know how, and lightbody ascension care
  • Plus FREE Lightbody Activation & Quantum Life Force Restoration, worth £100 each.

What People Are Saying:

“I had a reading this afternoon and i was beyond amazed. Some things you told me were things i think i already knew but wasnt too sure on and others really surprised me. Yet through the reading you truly managed to understand me as an individual and who i truly am at the core. Thankyou so very much. Would recommend to anyone who is feeling lost or unsure of their current path in life. Since our reading ive had a massive smile on my face and it just won't shift. I feel so much more centred.”


“I had the privilege of having my first reading with Seanin last night. Wow. I have not felt that understood for a very long time - probably ever. Half of my mind was trying to madly store away everything she said in my memory and the other half was wondering how on earth she was able to see everything that had come up for me in the past hour, or days, or weeks. She brought tears to my eyes a number of times, gave me goosebumps, and answered a lot of questions for me without me even having to ask. What an absolute talent and beautiful soul. Thank you, thank you, thank you xxx.”


“I had a reading last night and I am honestly still lost for words. I live in Australia and while I knew I was extremely open and ready for a reading I wasn't sure how it would play out with Seanin and I being so far apart. I needn't have worried because in the end it was so much more than I could have ever hoped for. ​ Seanin pinpointed my strengths and abilities, identified key people in my life; their traits and my weaknesses in regards to them. She gave me guidance for the future and confidence that there is a 24million watt light at the end of the tunnel. If my reading finished there I would have been content. A dead set believer. ​ But there was more, so much more. Half way through Seanin was guided to stop using the cards and to talk about my family. My father came through. He died when I was 12 and I have spent every year since then hiding from the grief and anger that I should have felt. Pretending to all, but mostly myself that I was the product of an immaculate conception with no father having ever taken part in the festivities. Protecting myself from any sense of longing or sadness that might go with losing a parent. But last night, whether I liked it or not, whether I felt ready or not, that ended. My dad decided it was time to remind me of his love. That I was not alone. That he was proud of me and that I was just where I needed to be. Seanin was our connection. She was so clear and amazingly accurate, saying things that only the people closest to me could know.”