Uncategorized Jan 16, 2019

So you know you are Light here.

Do you really, deeply, truly, understand what that means?

You are not just a bulb which is switched on to make people happy.

Oh no, my beautiful, incredible, Cosmic Friend.

You are so much more than this.

Every time you breathe, you are sparking light through the ethers. Every time you close your eyes and dream, you are giving LIFE to a Soul.

You create, and you become.

In that order.

And every single thing you do, is creating, all the time.

Every moment, every movement, every TOUCH of your brilliance here, is often missed, and mainly, by YOU.

There is NO NEED to elevate, levitate, magic-make or perform, to anchor the LIGHT of SOURCE here.

What’s easy and effortless for you, is unique to you.

Follow that. Follow that, like a sunbeam through trees. You’ll discover your very own meadow, and it’s growing it’s own paradise.

Believe it. And it is so.

It takes responsibility, self-honouring, and deep innate listening, to recognise what Magic really is.

It’s more than a feeling. It’s more than a limited joy.

It’s realising you are infinite- and oh! What incredible cosmic conundrums we make, in forgetting this simple, inconceivable fact.

You are infinite.

Make ALL of it count.

Seanin Banrion

You Are The Universe


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