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A channelled message from The Venusians on human stress, linear time, and breaking from the constraints of physical dense reality matter.

We in highest dimensions do not FEEL human stress. It is a by-product of radical attachment to the physical realm, and your identities, conditioning and behaviour are pre-disposed to weighing, very heavily, on the outer physical realms.

As you shift inside, the 'dropping' of this weight can feel equally as fear-inducing as the previously rendered conditions and behaviours you are 'letting go.'

Huge questions- 'Who Am I?', 'What is of Value to Me?' And 'What is Real?' swamp and clog your conscious minds, and here is where the real work begins.

Nothing 'outside' is real.

Energy- dense matter- comes up to be cleared from your bodies and minds, and can be SEEN in clear pictures. Fifth-dimensional awareness is unseen but swift, it arrives unencumbered and requires no analysis. You are 'shown' what you are here to do and be, and you are also shown what you are 'not', and still believing, which is why it appears 'out there' to create 'stress'

Seeing clearly the dysfunction of the dense matter reality within which you once affirmed yourself is immensely overwhelming.

Suddenly, it feels as though your relationships, form of working and means of survival before, have no longer any satisfying 'results.'

You are marooned between fifth dimensional existence (which is deep internal peace and all 'things' are feelings, which you treasure) and the sudden cacophony of beliefs, ideas and attachments which 'held' you away from your True Source inside

It is the same source of all, and you now resist playing that 'game' anymore, which denies the Source within.

But one foot within, and one foot without.

Therein lies 'stress' as you have come to know 'it' out there. You no longer make sense to the people whom you know, as your advancement depends on the internal world and your working within that space.

What is 'unseen' to the common human eye merits no benefit.

To you, in your awareness, it is everything.

A difficult shift to explain to those watching, as you say 'no' to what you once played out, in favour of what looks like 'nothing.'

Resistance in this transitory place is very natural to the human consciousness. Your lightbody now activated, you can SEE and SHIFT this resistance and hold it to the light.

You now 'know' what you need to fulfil your roles here and there are many. You do not need to switch around and change your mind, and explain, waste time, say sorry, for honouring that which you 'know' inside already.

Hold your soul deeply to account for all you 'need', give and 'do' here, which is fulfilling and expanding you. Hold your humanity to account for what instigates 'stress', as by attaching a 'story' upon what the human thinks he or she sees, it becomes 'real' out there, and you have returned to the third dimensional realm again.

Opening the heart inside takes specific and enduring practice. It takes deep work within and allows for a passage of light through the body which is effortless and peaceful. More sleep, more water, more rest, more communing with other dimensions inside, which at this point feel only 'imagined' rather than 'seen' or 'felt' to be true.

Stress is a signal that the soul is not in alignment with what is available out there. What part have you to play, with your heart open, which ensures no lack, no guilt, no fear, and no victimhood continues to determine your reality here?

Step within the heart and SEE. Notice what 'no longer matters.' And let it go. This will have an effect upon the physical body. Where are you out of alignment? What needs to be said, shared or released? This is the deep work necessary to begin to feel and understand fully your SOUL as One with all, and honouring THIS completes your transition in full.

This may take years. Years of tuning and refining, years of release and awareness within.

You are constantly receiving light from many spaces as the universe is designed to 'return you' to your true state within, and the obscure shifts in the physical realm which are out of tune, are there to return you to your heart.

Listen to that harmonic key closely. And it is harmonic- a music, a frequency, a FEELING SENSING navigation through your every 'minute' here.

The decluttering and REalignment phase is temporary and lives itself in and out, within you, as you, as you return to the reality which you belong. Here, in the fifth dimension and above, where all is peace and all is from the heart.

You care first about you. You raise your vibration first. What is out of tune requires your communication and direct action INSiDE in order to 'see' what's next.

Honour the innate tenacity of your soul to push and expand within, so that light consumes your very being, and there is nothing 'outside' anymore which is of a lower realm frequency. It may exist, but not within your reality anymore.

Your choice. Stress or REmember again?

- Sanat Kumara, of The Venusians, 14.32pm, Wednesday 3rd January 2019


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