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Knowing is different to knowledge.

Knowing comes without procedure, process or decision, and is formed from a pure place without thought. There is a line we must learn to draw between our ‘world view’ and our heartsight.

The Feminine aspect knows. It feels, without subject or object, to receive an understanding which cannot be dissembled or contaminated by objective ideas. It is always, always benevolent.

Notice when you are receiving. It feels like it arrived unannounced, and it is lightly formed. There is no attachment to its nature, and no root inside the subconscious mind.

Let not this become a subject of conversation. When brought down to the level of dissemination, to conversation, the pure nature of knowing is lost.

It has no reasons to give, and is not personal to the individual experiencing it.

The superconsciousness is not an abstract idea, it’s a real thing, and the whole world is now experiencing and feeling into this innate form of divine communication.

It is impersonal and it forms no opinion.

It simply feels as a transmitter would, for the soul’s own resonant GPS.

Notice when we are applying our masculine borne knowledge to a natural phenomena here. It is not about you. It is not about me.

It is.

And what we ‘see’ and ‘feel’ from here is an expanded sense of guidance from a higher place, which is beyond reason and explanation.

Trust that with your whole heart, and let nothing and no one sway you from it. It comes quickly and leaves. It’s not meant to be shared.

It is a light touch of God’s finger on a moment in time, to guide you in the direction of what is best meant, and best fit.

Honour knowledge, but respect knowing. Each have their place, but knowledge cannot supercede the language of the soul.

It is the soul which expresses itself, in this way, and our linear rationale only muddies the flow of Truth in its being state- a feminine awareness, and often dismissed.

Intuition has no reason to justify itself.

Attach no story or method of analysis to it.

Let it come, and let it guide you rightly.

It’s for you, and only you, and as soon as applied, forgotten.

No reason or method is superior to the language of the soul. The Mind of the Human opens, when we realise that so much is here, which has no Source, except Source itself.

Seanin Banrion

You Are The Universe


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