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Where you are hurting, frightened or upset, is a call to be still.

In stillness and peace, we reveal our true nature here.

Notice and observe where you are right now. Take a deep and healing breath in. Nothing which is painful, is true. It is merely a frequency which is out of tune, and this moment right now, you can go within and heal it.

Healing is not a word I use very often. It’s a concept formed of external things, which eliminate the truth of what you are.

You are Creator God, formed of Love, and nothing is needed to truly heal, except breathe.

Your breath is the Golden HeartLight of the Cosmos. It returns you to peace, to bliss, and to awareness, in a moment.

Every wild war, challenging fight, and painful experience, occurs when we forget to slowly breathe. This is the food and sustenance of Creator Consciousness Within, and with every cleansing breath, you transform and ‘heal’ yourself.

It only takes a moment.

If you only knew what alchemical power you hold inside. Each breath of still peace, is reforming your reality here. When you remember to breathe, you access a portal in your heart, which opens and flowers, sending your vital Soul Essence through time and space.

Breathe now.

In this single moment, you have let go. You have dissolved all conflict, and deleted all future furore with your own INCREDIBLE Source.

Source being God, inside.

A living, conscious minute of creative, abundant peace.

It is not frenzied action, nor worried analysis, which creates and dreams to life our Destined Legacy, here.

You ARE your Destined Legacy, in this gentle, loving moment. All your life force is Divine. All your breath is magical and forming new realities, NOW.

Breathe in. So deep. Breathe out. So pure.

There are oscillations in the stars, their dying lights relit, in every second that the Human Divine remembers their soul again.

Feel your heart beating, look at your gentle hands, your loyal feet. Look where you are now, you Being of Rest.

All of what you came here to accomplish, is already present with the limitless, Remembering Breath.

A treasure of new journeys, new creative light, has birthed itself, this very second, as Gaia sends her oxygen to you, Child of the Stars.

Follow that. All day.

Your breath, and your heart.

And see the planet breathing in your highest timeline here. Expect nothing less than miracles, in simply letting go, the in and the out, of life.

Your legacy is born anew, when life returns to your cells...

Hidden within them, are whole worlds. Remember now, again.

Seanin Banrion

You Are The Universe


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