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You can say anything with compassion, and it will be heard. It’s an energy, and not defined by words or actions.

Real truth shakes all awake. It’s supposed to startle, trigger, challenge and realign EVERYONE.

Prepare for this. It’s coming.

If people aren’t talking about what they felt because of you, and instead about what you did, then it’s had absolutely no effect.

Dancing in the line between the two- both compassion and truth- with patience; with humour & peace- this is giving value. We must allow ourselves this.

And it is an allowing.

We can not control the value of what we say or do. We can only choose to embody the energies which allow it.

And many of us are too afraid of the responsibility to permit that.

I was once. Not anymore, from today.

In the realm of consciousness ALL is possible, all is our responsibility, and all, also, is out of our hands, once we have spoken and shared.

Speak truth.

Share compassion.

At the same time.

Then forget about it. And share again, when it’s time.

Too many are limited by their own conditioning here, believing ‘this information is for this place’ and ‘this information costs this much so I won’t share it.’

I am a human here for humans.

I am a heart here for hearts.

But for one reason and one reason only- to wake people up. Either with love, or with truth. Said compassionately, and with strength.

My truth from my mouth is as valuable as anything rendered from a Master, here.

If we are all Masters, we need to stop making ourselves vessels.

We need to EMBODY and BECOME the Masters here.

In our every waking minutes.

Not just on these screens.

I will not serve that paradigm anymore. I value the SOUL and it’s capacity to SENSE what is true, beyond a trigger, a title or an idea. I know the soul will find its answers in what I share. I don’t have to title it an activation in order for it to BE one.

We shake all, and we love all, at the same time.

This is abundant living.

We speak truth compassionately, and we also share love from a place of strength.

Truth & Compassion.

Love & Strength.

Are you applying these to all you say, share and hold inside?

There is conflict within, if not.

We are ALL REmembering so quickly now, opening to MORE, so the CONFLICT inside feels like more.

The reason the mind gets stressed about REAL LOVE and REAL TRUTH is always the same- because you cannot share truth without your human body feeling it.

Without being nervous.

Without feeling afraid.

That is your signal that what you’re about to share, matters.

I honour my humanity as much as my divinity. They are the SAME.

And that scares me. If the speaker is so scared of their power, that they’d rather assign it to a deity, a force, a spirit OUTSIDE of themselves, then MORE separation forms.

We can be channels, lightworkers, healers and intuitives, but let’s drop all those titles away and what do we have?

A Human Divine.

Speaking as THEMSELVES.

Everything that matters in the world, absolutely everything, holds the following four energies, at once-

Truth & compassion.

Love & strength.

This is the formula for true power.

There is no more use for suppression of power here.

This is power found in the HUMAN Divine. In normal conversation. In daily life. In sharing of our hearts, simply.

It requires no gloss or glitter.

The most powerful shares and effects, come from the mouth of awake human beings. Beyond the ‘otherworldly’ language, the frills and distanced performances.

Let’s start unfollowing the programmes which serve the third dimension- anything that SELLS with fear, anything that PUSHES a distortion, anything that gives us plausible deniability over our INNATE and ABSOLUTE divinity.

Anything that makes you feel like less, and makes you feel like you are missing something, is MISSING something within itself.

And that’s not personal. That’s simply another Human Divine, who is here to create change, hiding under the complexity of words, ideas, fancy actions and phenomena.

I am tele-empathic, multi dimensional and HUMAN.

So are you.

Do I have to keep pushing my divinity for you to hear what I’m saying now? Do I have to state that this is a text channelled from higher planes, before you trust it?

Ask yourself why that is.

It’s mostly my doing.

I know the Universe works through each one of us. So if I channel, or read cards, publicly now, I’m going to share with you HOW to do it. Now.

You speak.

Truth with compassion.

Love with strength.

This is the simple code of the God inside.

And you all have it. All of you.

Let’s call ourselves out when we are performing instead of actioning our missions here.

Unsubscribe from all that, INSIDE, and it never shows up in our reality again.

Everything seen OUT THERE is something HELD within.

You and I- we are the same. Because in every moment we are choosing what we believe.

Do we judge, or do we feel?

Judgement means limit. Feeling means knowing.

So choose again and again, to feel instead of judge, and TRUE power can be felt and recognised.

This is Discernment.

Here right now are divine beings walking among us as people. We are ALL that, and the hairline fracture in the 3D template separating us?

The Wayshowers who are not speaking their truth with compassion. The Leaders who are calling for love, instead of being it, strongly.

The human DIVINE, who are hiding behind the phenomena they’re able to create here.

The human DIVINE, watching phenomena for entertainment, and not opening their hearts, and minds, for real change.

I no longer serve from a place where my eyes are closed. Because every word I speak is truth and coming from the SOUL within myself.

Love is the reigning force, the mystical fuel, behind all these ‘spiritual entertainments.’ Love is the bridge between worlds, which is currently widening to occupy EVERYONE.

But we move beyond that now, together, or we continue to create separation through our unconscious ‘me and mine’ state of play. We show up as ourselves. We show up BRIGHT and present and real. We show up communicating our consciousness, with light codes in our human speech.

We tell our stories, send out our hearts, and forget we’ve done it twenty seconds later.

Because it’s out there now, and the world you choose to create here, will never be the same again.

Thank you to my brothers and sisters who already embody this truth. Allow this be the loving hug and welcome, to all of you hearing me, and ready to begin again.

For real, this time.


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