Uncategorized Jan 16, 2019


This word.

What does it mean?

It means so many things.

To this soul here, it feels like Being honest. Being kind. Being vulnerable. Being love.

Being all of the parts of the soul and human, at once, without letting the whole be touched by any energy, which is not it’s own. It is a vulnerable state, and it invites love freely. It moves with the Universe, and each step feels like a kiss from the earth below.

Angel here, Human here, Being is everything.

Seeing and showing, knowing and sharing, the WHOLE of what you are.

If we are DOING these things- honesty, kindness, vulnerability and love- they lose their innocence. There is a subconscious design behind it all, which is not Truly You.

I have come to realise that in those places where fear comes, it is only because we are ready to drop it all. The Doing becomes heavy, and rigid. It begins to melt, and in that place we all panic, just a little.

Please don’t, anymore.

The Doing, when dropped, draws IN the light.

Hold lightly every part of you. Hold it so lightly, and share it so purely, that even in those moments where you are afraid, you are Being the Truth.

You are Being You.

Whole, and real, and pure.

Light moves in to fill where all the Doing lived, so the worry, and the fear, melts away.

Seanin Banrion

You Are The Universe



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