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Discernment & Judgement

Discernment speaks to the soul, as a vibrational frequency. It is not harmful, it recognises the light and innocence in all of life.

This is your radio transmission, sometimes, for recognising where your energy is best placed.

There is no harm inside of discernment, only soft awareness of Truth, as known by your pure, knowing heart, here.

We are all wise, and all wonderful, until the day we choose to dissemble our own sovereignty, and diminish our own energy, for the sake of dismissing this integrated GodNudge.

It is perfectly okay, and perfectly safe and fine, to listen to GodNudges.

Let not the ego of the role you play here, limit your capacity to honour the signs on the road.

We are not here for everyone, and if we are attempting to be, then what blessed journey are we missing out on, with thousands of false stops, or dead ends?

Do you know your energy is precious to all, now? Do you know that nothing you ‘feel’ is wrong?

It’s merely turns on a road.

It either glitters, or fritters away.

Trust that GodNudge, and you’ll never get ‘lost.’

Be your own dynamic, loving, pure hearted compass. There is nothing ‘out there’ which knows and feels as you do. What a gift to realise we are all intrinsically blessed with a journey GPS that’s leading us, our own unique way.

Wave and send love to every bend you don’t take. It’s nothing but a gentle stroll through what is ‘meant’, and what is ‘not.’

Destiny is never realised in a vehicle which stops at every post.

Self awareness is never fostered in a light that keeps giving itself away.

It’s all in the heart, and not the head.

Follow that HeartSign, bright star.

Your path is igniting the cosmos with every little leap of trust into what is true.

Only for you.

And only purely about you.

Keep wandering, taking nothing with you but your smile.

It’s safe to know, and go along your way...

Seanin Banrion



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