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WE, in LOVE and ONENESS, are not supposed to be chasing or numbing ANYTHING.

Raising our consciousness is not about  expressing light and love, all day long. It’s about giving light, and holding love, for ALL of what we are, and feel.

Compassion cannot be fully held for the whole of humanity here, until we have witnessed and honoured the truth of what lies within.

All of us are Human Divine here.

All of us.

We are, when fully conscious, released from suffering, but for as long as we avoid this release of dense thought forms; for as long as we suppress the emotions buried in our bones for centuries; we cannot fully REACH the heights of Unity within, and without.

True consciousness is brave, because it requires responsibility, and softly, gently noticing where we are ‘playing the role’ of one awake, yet not fully embodying it.

Here I am sharing with you the truth of the experience as it is, so maybe you will see some of your own experiences within me, and embrace a deeper level of awareness inside, which fully honours who you are, and what you are here to share.

Our overuse of the internet, our phones, our televisions, our avoidance of honesty, our resistance to being frank and honest INSIDE ourselves, will leave us in the stuck state of reaching.

Stretching OUT of our centres, where the SOUL lives, for fleeting recreations of All That Is, instead.

On the path toward full consciousness, we must be so brave, so very brave, and sit with the truth of ourselves first.

Where there is fear, there is suppression.

Where there is lack, there is frustration.

Where there is resistance, there is density calling out to be seen, released and let go.

I spent most of my life terrified of being truly vulnerable. I attached to all sorts of matter outside of the Soul of Me, the GodSelf, to tell me who I was.

But in that space, I grew so tired, chasing always the next hug, the next magical experience, beyond the very COSMOS that lives already fully within my heart.

We cannot RISE UP, without being open, unjudging, and ready, for the breakdown.

And breakdowns, always, are numerous. They are not experiences we tend to share here, and this is why I am being so greatly honest and leaving mine with you, to be seen.

I call myself out on this suppression regularly. I’ve learnt that if I block or suppress any emotion, at all, it also blocks the beauty within too. If I cannot sit with myself in deep reverence for ALL that I AM, right now, how can I possibly bear witness to, and LOVE, the same inside of others?

We need to remember here, our UNITY, through being true and frank with all that rises up to be unravelled. Light will not integrate easily through a body that is tense. A heart cannot FULLY open, when judgement still prevails.

And in these beginning days, almost all of our thoughts are judgements, defined as ‘educated opinions’, which are creating more separation inside instead.

What happens when a judgement, or emotion, remains locked within us?

It shows up again. And each time bigger, on the physical plane, until we face it.

I realised I was carrying so many programmes within this week, that I had missed. I have been FULLY living my truth, honouring my body, opening my heart, moment by moment, every day.

But then I realised there were certain thoughts or beliefs I was as yet unable to part with; moments in time where I removed love, rather than added it.

Mostly, it’s the type of belief that relates to how I wanted to be viewed. I reneged on sharing love and acceptance with others, I came across throughout my day, for fear of this- LOVING them TOO MUCH.

’What would people think if I shared exactly how I felt? Would it make me seem crazy? Would I scare them away?’

Think about this for a second- the larger portion of this deeper release is tied up to identity. Here I am, a Wayshower for Light, and even I RESIST expressing the deepest love I feel. I fear rejection. I fear being misunderstood. I fear being mocked or scorned for the TRUTH of my heart.

Are you suppressing the love you feel, too?


Deep suppression occurs in so many ways, which I have witnessed in me, and if it helps, I’m sharing it here.

Leave what does not resonate, but I come with full integrity and authenticity, so we might reach a point of REmembering together, our sovereignty here.

Love is a boundless, limitless state inside of us. For every instance where we reach outwardly for this love, a transient experience of connection/appreciation/praise, we are denying our pure and complete connection of Source within.

For every moment where we RESIST sharing love, when we know we could, we are choosing fear, over unity. We are choosing the Self, over humanity.

The thing is, what other people ‘think’ does not exist. What I believe about myself, is the key dense matter of my days right now.

And I know it’s not just me.

What would happen for us ALL, if we leaned in fully to the love we feel inside?

What would happen for us ALL, if we chose to truly LOVE all parts of ourselves?

Where we suppress our rage, our fear, our untrue states of unworthiness, undoubtedly the same experiences will return, again and again, until we go within and SEE the innocence in all of it.

What we cannot accept within ourselves, we cannot accept and AWAKEN in light for others.

Every judgement is a judgement against you.

Every suppression is a guarantee that the same experience, or trigger, will return again.

What part of your loving, beautiful, incredible being, are you holding prisoner?

If we all showed up in TRUTH, hiding NOTHING, what would happen then?

We are designed so perfectly for elimination of dense energy. Our bodies are extra sensory, heightened, changed by light- we have mouths to express, and arms to reach out and hold. We have hands that move energy of healing and peace through them, and yet?

So much numbness, so much reaching and grabbing beyond the Source within, to FEEL what we will not allow our bodies and souls to feel, here, instead.

Underneath the density is light.

TRUE Light, which is Eternal, and connects us all.

A PURITY of heart, a courage beyond compare, and yet, and yet, and yet...

We are not supposed to be battling against the soft centre of our wholeness. Our purity is calling to be embraced, not squashed.

With every discomfort, with every judgement, see what’s truly happening here. We are resisting an element within us, which is calling for our acceptance, love and awareness, right now.

Give to yourself so deeply, that you never run out for the world as it glows around you.

Even if it might feel uncomfortable at first, let the people in.

Let them in.

See what happens.

I'm calling myself out on what I used to think was a real deal 'showing up.' In making The Soul an external project, I lost touch with it. And in realising this, my body, my heart, my very breath, reveals new awareness underneath.

What an enormous responsibility that is, to see and witness, to understand, and to embody LOVE in all ways, and all moments.

And yet, how easy.

How easy can it be?

Can we find out? Can we try, and see?

Our physical forms are human AND divine, and so much of the 'stuff' that comes up around this HUMANITY/DIVINITY split, is meaningless.

There is no split, I've come to realise, and I am honouring my body through the merging of the WHOLE. No more LIGHTING up, to avoid the restful Presence of the Dark.

No more late nights, early mornings, and long days, chasing a blog piece, creating another video, smashing out another teaching during lunch, because THAT IS NOT TRUTH.

No more talking about lightbody activation, clearing and witnessing, without DEEPLY honouring this process. 

Deeply means feeling it all.

Deeply means telling the truth. It means being PURE and WHOLE in every moment, with all.

Not just where it feels ‘safe’ to.

Leaning in to the discomfort of change, right now.

It's been TOUGH this week, on my body as I process these things. Facing the suppression I had placed myself under, noticing how deeply I had ATTACHED to the World Wide Web, and left the sacred daily practice of BEING, in the dust.

I AM Love.

Therefore, what is there else to become?

Consider this Human Divine as one who is clearing out the meaningless from her bones, muscles, voice, movements, SOUL...

I'm committing to the souls I am here to work with now, more deeply. More completely does compassion form, when we can face and SEE the Self inside of ALL.

I'm receiving SO much and in the 'past', I'd send it right out there, to the world, before integrating it for myself.

You Are The Universe Mastery School has up-levelled my accountability, and many wise souls arrived into my life, to honour and ground me, at once. As if knowing and seeing that this trajectory of inward work, was arriving before I did.

I want to write.

I want to write, and dream, and return within, and share the sacred with my private clients with FULL presence and awareness. For that reason, I have been quiet and not 'online' this week, so much. It doesn't mean there is less to say, it means there is more. I'm gathering truths, and patterns; I'm observing this dual mind of mine, and finding a home within it, which is both teacher and student, at once.

I know nothing and everything here, and in full authenticity, it's a shitstorm to process, but I'm giving in.

Giving in beautifully to the learning, the merging and humility it brings.

Knowing it is ALL love, and LIVING what I am here to SHARE. Really, really living it, and loving myself through it all.

There is nothing 'out there' that can expand you, lift you, REACH you, more powerfully than the soul of your own self.

That is the poignant sharpness I feel now, as Source Light tumbles through my cells, and squeezes out what's 'not true' anymore.

I am not the same person I was a week ago. Heck, I'm not the same person I was six months ago either. And in all this growth, I forgot I need to STOP.

To expand inside.


I'm ready to leave the chasing self behind. The one that follows a flow outside of my own, and numbs herself with sugar, reading, endless work and study, to avoid the true experience of Source, here.

Inside. Sitting with the mess. Letting the DarkLight love me into Peace.

When you're inside the chaos of the Mind, sometimes it's sneaky, and you can't tell. Not fully.

In the pauses, we feel everything.

And in the pausing, we transform.

I invite you to pause when discomfort comes.

Meditative space, sacred sleep, lucid dreaming, working with oils and OBSERVING, with deep gratitude, all these layers of GUNK, is the finest work a soul can do here.

If this is you, too, I Honour all of you. It is not a path for the fearful, and we cannot eliminate fear by pretending it's not there.

The pace of life for a time there, absolutely charged me. Suddenly now, I don't want it, and in moments this week I wanted to RUN away and hide from the imbalance I felt inside.

I thought, 'Sod this. Someone else can show up.'

‘I want to disappear.'

And you know what?

I did.

What have I found?

New. A New Voice. A New Way. A New Path.

A New remembering.

I know myself. And in knowing who I AM, I know you, too.

Go easy, dear hearts. Go slow. There is so much to discover of your love, when you let yourself beat with it, breathe with it, become undone...

Here's to the great undoing. I am grateful.

Now is a result. Now is coming home to the Truth of yourSELF.

Soften the mental noise, Bright Star.

There's a whole world waiting to be loved, and explored, inside, and I'm sharing from my heart, so you understand you are NOT alone in this strange, prickly and stretched feeling, which happens when we resist allowing ourselves love.

Love is feeling. Love is feeling ALL of it.

Some things I've used to help me 'go inside and tune, release and witness the New as it arrives:

1. Meditative Mind: A playlist on YouTube with Solfeggio frequencies.

2. Crystals, mostly Andaras & Quartz, by my bed and meditation spaces.

Also, I have been wearing an Orgone pendant for keeping my field clear of debris. You might feel extra sensitive to your phone, so put it away.

3. Stretching

Try a 'freeform' yoga, wherever you want. On the bed, on the floor, on a blanket in the garden, just as you release these tensions in the muscles for integrating more light here.

4. Tears. For no reason.

Allow them come and attach no story. You are simply letting go of the old, and it's light which forms them. Allow yourself to FEEL the ABSOLUTE of everything, push nothing down, let it come with love...

5. Breathing Pranayama breath before sleep.

Naptimes are necessary! I put a pillow under my knees and under my head, making sure my neck is supported, and my whole body floating comfortably.

6. Sun-Chasing

Go long walks, and match your stride with your breath. Let the Higher Self lead, ask where the next turn should take you. There are always moments where fear rises, and questions come, but let them be what they are. The point is the journey. Curiosity and Gratitude are the finest feelings when exploring the world again. Following the sun, even in a city, can allow us to experience such breathtaking new things, if we trust and try.

7. Oil Diffusing

I work with geranium and frankincense at the moment, with Rose oil on my wrists. The Rose oil is the highest vibrational material in the world. It brings you home to the natural state of yourself. To your earthy reality here. And reminds you of your precious connection to Gaia, and her beauty.

8. Time alone

Literal, total, absolute time alone. Whether in your garden, or simply by the sun on a window. I like to sit with my body and ask which parts are tense, and one breath at a time, relax and release each part. I usually end up lying down at this point, expanding my lungs and FEELING so much, and it's so so good for us.

9. Switching off the TV/Phone/Electrics

This is of the utmost value. How can we hear our heart, when we are chasing around edifices of ourselves, somewhere else?

God, the Supreme One Mind, lives within you already. Allow yourself to feel ALL feelings, and the HEIGHTs of light inside will reveal themselves as true.

We are perfectly designed for this. Let nothing get in the way of your relationship to yourself. Love is what you are.

You are the Universe,  when being fully LOVE and LOVING.

Nothing more, and nothing less...

Let the light wash over you, and remind you we are all one here. No one gets left behind. I promise.

Seanin xxx


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