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Beautiful Souls.

The world as we ‘know it’ is no longer here. When you go to sleep tonight, I ask you to relax. Drop deep into your heart, and ask to dream of what is ‘here’, now, already.

The magic and mystery of the realms beyond here are available to us all. None of us are ‘wrong’ in what we see, sense or feel. We exist in a multiverse, which has so many potentialities, so many energies and freedoms, that every single thing you ‘see’ or ‘experience’ is true, when from the heart.

Your world is one which explores and creates itself. What you express will resonate with the same souls vibing in similar frequencies, and the PURPOSE of each ‘vision’, channelled message or creative share, is to unite these same souls.

Soon, this year, I feel we will find harmony in our experiences and messages. The Realm of Light is one which formed you, and therefore, ALL of this exists within you too.

You can find truth, and experience NEW ways of seeing, every day.

Open your heart to everyone.

But especially, tonight, open your heart whilst you sleep.

You may remember your dreams.

You may not.

You may float in an ethereal realm amongst stars, or not.

You may see the vast red/pinks of the Venusian twelfth-dimensional realm, as I have, or you might see dolphins, whales and mermaids.

It doesn’t matter.

What matters is the sharing, and the seeing. What matters is the REmembering these special, mystical FEELINGS, the vibrations each carries, and emitting those in your daily lives.

The scales from your eyes will fall away.

Your relationships will form a different hue, and carry a new light.

You are the light inside everything now.

Take that in.

And your energy, your frequency, can transform realities not just for you, but for many.

It’s time to REmember and REcreate the world we experience inside, HERE.

The child inside of you, the Divine Purity within whom is your True Sight, True Heart and True State, is the one whom you can trust.


With all the little matter of your days.

Play is where JOY lives.

And JOY is HUmanity’s glitter.

Sprinkle that stuff everywhere.

Let me know, in the morning, what sort of world you find yourself in. Let me know what the feelings show you, and what you begin to SEE, out there, anew.

We are all stars, holding hands with destinies- thousands of them- all at once.

Right now.

Fun Fact- you get to choose.

Happy Dreaming, And Goodnight!

Seanin xxx


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