About Seanin


Seanin is a highly creative, conscious and soulful person, who offers supportive coaching for those who are stuck, bored, exhausted, or who simply need a little loving enthusiasm, during big transitions.

She spent nine years in education, and eleven years in intuitive work. She provides coaching & fun group immersive experience for connecting adults back to their hearts, and into eachother's lives again. 

Having recovered and healed from Complex PTSD, seizures and multiple chronic illnesses, she learnt alot about wellbeing and personal care. She combines consciousness, energy work, kindness and creativity into all her services, allowing YOU to access YOU, in a way most natural and aligned to who you are. 

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Seanin guides each member lovingly through the teachings of Knowing & Being, so that they may BECOME their own free path. You choose your role, in your own time, and in your own way. I am here to help you explore how it feels to embody your free state here.


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