The Free Path Course

Walk The Free Path Home- access and begin implementing all the wisdom and tools for your ascension and evolution here.

The Starseed Sanctuary

The Starseed Sanctuary is a gathering of like souls, with expanding minds, who are evolving  in their freedom, security and joy.

The Cosmic

The most comprehensive Quantum Healing Portal EVER offered. The place you can go to fully recharge, renew and ground yourself.

Quantum Reading Masterclass

Your ascending state - and that of your clients- means your reception of information is EXPANDING, so your approach and focus is ready to uplevel too! 


Ascension, Higher Consciousness & Sovereignty- the keys to embodying light on earth. 


’My reading with Seanin was amazingly accurate- I can’t believe how accurate it was! And she didn’t use any cards! ‘

- Gillian McKeith, TV Presenter

Seanin Banrion is a wayshower, intuitive channel and energy worker. She is a prominent public figure in the field of consciousness and ascension, having appeared in Spirit & Destiny magazine, Soul & Spirit magazine, and Badassery. She writes and speaks regularly, both here, and on Youtube and Facebook.

She is assisting in the evolution of humanity through one powerful, inclusive, all gender welcoming, group mentorship programme: 


Seanin is also a quantum healer, providing light language healing and channelled energy work. for restoration of your own natural life force, and ultimate wellbeing. All services available online.

Her intuitive abilities are both radical and well-known, having served hundreds of clients, from over twenty-eight different countries worldwide.

One to one private coaching programmes are also available- please contact her for more information on [email protected]

Seanin believes that love is the miraculous force within every human, and has proven, time and again, that this is true.

‘We have forgotten who, and what, we are. It is my role to help us remember.’

– Seanin Banrion


Seanin guides each starseed lovingly through their own awakening, expanding their consciousness and light bearing powers. You choose your role, in your own time, and in your own way.

The Embodiment of Light... What is it?

We are here as evolving human divinity, anchoring light from higher realms, to create New Earth.

Ascension is the path, higher consciousness is the choice, and sovereignty is your key to full empowerment.

By accessing what I share, you will come to discover:

- You create your reality

- Everything is a reflection of the light you have allowed to be embodied, and everything you 'think.'

- We are moving into a transcendent state of feeling, above thought, and recognising ourselves, and all we do, as the transference of energy.

With me, you will come to learn and understand how to master that energy. The 'you' that is universal, guides you towards what you resonate with.

I respect your free will choice, and with peace in my heart, extend the same peace to you.

We are all learning together, and I am calling in, not subservient followers, but family.

I come as I am.

I'm ok with that.

And I'm ok with all of what you are, right now, too.

There is a perfect design we cannot see, only feel, in every human connection.

My hope is that we can create New Earth together.

And I trust you'll know, if that is meant.


Seanin x 



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