What is The Way of The Lotus?

The lotus knows, growing from muddy waters, that Light exists beyond the depths of where it's planted.

It is a simple, easeful and natural thing, that a lotus blooms.

Purity of heart and mind are natural states. It is both these states, which promote self healing. And they cannot be forced, nor dictated by another. 

I am here to help you rise, and gently so, to meet your true nature, as a Quantum Self Healer & energy worker. 

Through stillness, consciousness coaching and expanded internal experience, you begin to access MORE of who YOU already are.

And in truth, you are limitless. 

Being true you, should be effortless. 

Let me help you find your way up. 

 Who is Seanin?

Seanin Banrion is a DragonDog Shaman, Quantum Healer & Daoist clairvoyant.  She incites quantum self healing, and connection to universal energy through the body. 

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Seanin guides without guiding, and teaches without teaching, how to return to your true nature. You are the one who knows. I can help you hear yourself, and trust what arrives.


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