What is Ascension?

It is the evolution of humanity, reality, time and space, instigated from within the individual who realises his or herself as part of, creating, and connected to, all of their real life.

That is the beginning of the journey into reality creation from within. 

 Who is Seanin?

Seanin Mouland is a Quantum Healer, Light Language Code Keeper, and Consciousness Coach. She facilitates individuals in their ascension, through one to one coaching & group mentorship. 

Seanin also works with Source energy through quantum healings, using light language and interdimensional vision, known here as Soul Sight. She will NEVER tell you what to do, only act as a pointer for the experience of your own self-healing.

You are the one driving your own ascension journey, she simply walks beside, and responds in accordance with YOUR internal navigation system.

'I consider my job complete, when people move on, empowered by the Source within themselves.'

Book Your Private Session Here

90 Minute Full Spectrum SHINE Empowerment

Book a full spectrum distance empowerment session which includes one recorded light language transmission, an energetic diagnostic, and a soul transmission full of codes, personalised to you.

Quantum Reading Masterclass

Learn how to read intuitively for others from a fifth dimensional perspective and level of awareness.


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